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Updates to GoPro Recovery software

October 2018

GoPro Hero 7 added

May 2018

V1.64, improved fragment processing with forensic option

November 2017

V1.60 GoPro hero 6 supported and .gpr raw photos

August 2017

V1.51 support for .wav files

February 2017

V1.44 Support for High resolution screens.  Extra support for Hero 5 cameras

September 2016

V1.32 Improved reporting of video dates

June 2016

V1.30 Forensic version, Hero 4 recovery of unfinalised video, and video fragments with no ftyp, or associated moov

May 2016

V1.28  Beta version for reading unfinalised low res Hero 4 files (Forensic version only)

Support for Hero 4 Silver

February 2016

1.25  Beta version for reading unfinalised Hero 3 files (Forensic version only)

January 2016

V1.20  Revised compiler and installer

November 2015


    A different variation of Hero 3 supported.  Improved detection of chip type when sector 0 is blank.

September 2015


    Hash values added for forensic version


    Hero 4 low res files now named .lrv

August 2015


    Faster recovery - in particular for large files


    Improved recovery of some Hero 4 videos


    Fake memory chips detected


    Display of atoms used and not recovered


    Bitmap thumbnails saved in output directory with demo program


    Video resolution added to the log.  Log displayable in decimal or hex


    Option to save memory chip as an image file


    Introductory offer released

July 2015


    Small changes to show progress of recovery. Dates added to files


    Demo mode implemented


    Improved recovery and logs



Development schedule

February 2017

    Support for all recording modes in Hero 5

June 2015

    GoPro Hero 3 deleted files recovered

    Program installation program

    GoPro Hero (basic) support, with JPEGs

July 2015

    Implementing program registration and demo mode of operation

    Purchase added to website

    Produce full demo version

August 2015

    First release version

January 2016

    Testing recovery of unfinalised Hero 3 video files

Current development tasks

    Process unfinalized or truncated videos, Hero 2/3, then Hero 4, then Hero

    Process video fragments found, not associated with a current file.