GoProRecovery Download Page

Download a free demo version.  Will recover all GoPro Hero,  Hero2, Hero 3  Hero 4 and Hero 5 files.

    Click on the above link to download and then run.  The download program (about 5MB) is gpr_setup.exe and the main running program is  GPR.EXE. 

    Both are digitally signed by CnW Recovery Developments Ltd.  An icon will be added to your PC to let you run the program.

    Please report back your results - to 

Notes on download

  • Never download or copy anything to the memory chip to be recovered
  • The program only processes memory chips, and not hard drives
  • Requires PC with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10  (Vista will not show thumbnails)
  • Multicore processor and lots of memory helps with speed, but not actually required.
  • Files can be saved to any logical device, eg external drive, or network drive
  • Licence is tied to single PC, but can be moved by sending an e-mail request.

Download now and the demo will show you thumbails of your files


NB The program only reads the SD card, and not the camera directly

Program updates

    To update your software at any time, just download the demo again and install.

    A small downside with regular updates is that anti-virus programs, such as Norton can detect that the program is new, and view it as a suspicious program.  However, before the program is actually run it will display the digital signature of CnW Recovery Develeopments Ltd.  This is correct

Demo Version

    The GoPro Recovery (gpr.exe) demo program shows that recovery is possible

    The demo will process the memory chip and display thumbnails of videos that will be recovered.  The log can be viewed and by each file is  a status.  If marked as OK, the file will play correctly.  The demo may save files, but these are not playable - they have extensions such as .demptmp  rather than .mp4.

    Beware, many programs say they can recover video files from memory chips, but very few actually can.  The demo will display the file name, but the licenced version will; not produce playable files.  GoPro Recovery will also produce playable files, as long as the log entry says ‘OK’

    If the demo version is licenced, unfortunately it is necessary to rerun the process to recover the video files. A simple operation.

Please send any feed back from downloading the program to does it find any files, or perfect recovery - thanks!