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There are two licence types, standard and forensic.  Both will do full recovery of deleted files.  The forensic licence will have additional logging features, and in later versions, the possibility to process fragments of video data.  Initial versions (standard and forensic) are similar but the forensic but features will grow.  Soon, the forensic version has extra logging features and  supports of partial files with Hero 4/5/6..The licence will last forever.

Before making a purchase, please do download and run the demo to make sure your videos can be seen.

Purchase with PayPal - you do your require your ID code, as displayed on the GPR main page.  If not yet done so, download demo


Purchase process and licensing

    The program is licenced to a single PC, and for this we require the unique Machine ID supplied by the demo program.  When entered in the purchase page, and paid for with PayPal, a registration number is e-mailed to the PayPal account registered e-mail address.

    If it is required to be operated on another PC, eg after PC upgrade, contact for a new (free) key


    Support is very important aspect of any program.  GoPro Recovery support is by e-mail (only).  Any problems, suggestions will always be listened to. e-mails are always replied to very quickly, and within 24 hours, depending of world wide location.  In the unlikely event that recovery has not worked, GoPro Recovery will work with you until everything possible has been done.  One element of this may mean sending an image, or partial  of the memory chip for further further investigation.  For anyone you has purchased a licence, there is no charge for this.  In order to send large files, the parent company CnW Recovery has a secure SFTP server - details can be found with the following link  SFTP server

    Uploading a 32GB or 64GB image can be slow (many hours) but it does help when an unseen camera configuration, or unexpected type of corruption has occurred.  All video data is kept 100% confidential

About Us

    GoProRecovery is a software product of CnW Recovery Developments Ltd.

    A UK company with no connection to GoPro Inc

    Have spent over 30 years doing software development for data recovery and tape/data conversion