About GoPro Recovery

GoPro Recovery is a program developed by CnW Recovery Developments Ltd.  The GoPro camera is a very popular model, but very complex to recover deleted data from.  The idea of GPR.EXE is a simple, dedicated program to solve just this problem.

There are many programs being promoted on the internet that claim to recover GoPro videos.  However, none seem to work with the original GoPro memory chip, and so it is possible that GoProRecovery is a truly unique product.

CnW Recovery was started in 2004 to recover data from many PC and Unix resources.  It has built up a very good reputation for forensic level data recovery.  The CnW program does contain routines for GoPro data recovery but as part of a more complex system.  GoProRecovery (GPR) has just extracted the critical elements required, but will also add on processing of isolated fragments.  The result is a simple, low cost but professional level recovery program.