Support if a very important part of GoPro Recovery.  It is intended that very recovery will work straight out of the box - however, theory and practice unfortunately often divide at that point.

Check for update

The first point of call will always be to check if there has been a software update, and if so download the new version.  The website will have have a download link for the latest software (ie the demo)

Report problem

The second will be an e-mail to  This should always be responded to within 24 hours.  Being a world wide product one always has to allow for time zone differences.

Send image file

If a simple solution cannot be found, it may be necessary to send a partial, or complete chip image to CnW Recovery for development investigation..  To assist this, when a memory chip is scanned, a 'temp' 2GB image file is also saved to the hard drive (in the selected output directory).  This file can be sent to CnW Recovery, and an easy way is with cloud sharing program.  Cnw Recovery have had a lot of success with  that is free upto 2GB in file size.  The image file is created automatically in the selected output directory, and has the name 2gb_image.img 

If the whole images needs to be sent, then CnW have an SFTP:// server, and an account can be created to allow for sending, and maybe receiving files.

Possible problems

Not all videos found

There can be several reasons why not all videos are found.  A very useful guide to the number that may be found is by looking at the values for ftyp, moov and mdat.  For each good file there should be one such value.  At the same time it must be noted that there can be false positive matches for mdat, but these are less likely for ftyp and moov.  If the number for ftyp is much less than expected, maybe try a scan again making sure that the 'Stop on blank' option has been turned off.

Fake Memory

Another very 'sad' reason for missing videos is of the memory chip is a fake device.  This is a device (often sold cheaply on eBay) where a small chip, eg 8GB is modified to look like a large memory chip, eg 64GB.  The result is that memory chip looks OK, even display a directory for the large size, but when data is written, maybe 75% of the data goes nowhere and is totally lost.  Recovery of the lost data is impossible.  The symptoms are that the early files can be read, but then the data is corrupted.