Boblov video recovery

How to recover deleted Boblov videos

The boblov (eg 1296P) range of cameras are a popular range of body worn cameras, or DVR. The camera is popular with the police and security services such as bouncers and security guards. The cameras can take videos and photos. The recovery problem comes when a photo is taken within a video stream. Standard data carving recovery routines will fail while GPR will process the file correctly, and also restore the photos at the same time. The Boblov handler also supports Vantrue dash cameras.

The first version is in GPR V2.30, further development will support unfinalised files, possibly where the camera has been dropped/damaged while recording.

How to recover lost videos from a Boblov DVR

The process is simple and requires just a few simple stages
Download and install the GPR software on a PC
2) Connect the Boblov camera OR the SD card to the computer
3) Open the GPR program, select the memory chip, and the location to save your recovered data
4) Press <<Recover>>

For the demo, the files saved will not be viewable, but thumbnails will be displayed based on the encrypted recovered files. Once a licence is purchased the demo files can be decoded to be playable. The log can also be viewed to see the file status and recording dates