Purchase GPR Software for reliable GoPro recovery

GoPro recovery software comes in two versions - standard and forensic. For most users the standard is all that is required

Before making a purchase it is necessary to know your Machine ID code, as determined by the GPR software.
Download and run the demo and make a copy of the ID code. This is as shown below at the bottom of the screen
Machine ID location
The code shown here is 305360FA It is numbers 0-9 and letters A-F only. This 8 character number is required for the purchase process. The purchase is for a single PC, though can be transfered at a later date by a simple e-mail request.

It is highly recommended that the demo is tried before a purchase is made. The link below is for the curremnt 64 bit version.

The two options are Standard and Forensic. Both do full recovery. The extras for Forensic is the ability to process fragments and partial files. Occasionally, this will mean that extra files can be reconstructed. The other
forensic feature is an enhanced log with GPS locations, MD5 HASH value and the ability to view each fragment location. You chose which option on the PayPal based purchase form. The forensic version will also read .E01 files (encase files) - industry standard for many forensic applications.

Features for each version

Standard $22.95
● Recovery of all GoPro Hero cameras
● Supports many Canon, DJI and other video cameras
● Handles any corruption - but all elements of the file must still exist (see forensic version for a solution)
● Logs of files found
● Recovers ,MP4 and .LRV
● Recovers 4K H.265 files
● Recovers JPEG and .WAV files
● Unlimited updates and support

Forensic $33.90
As for for standard but also includes
● Processes file fragments and partial files
Forensic YouTube demo

● Extra log features
● MD5 Hash value
● Chip allocation display
● Reads E01 files

After purchase, an e-mail will be sent to your
registered PayPal e-mail. You will then need to enter this code into the GPR software. If you do not receive the code within 30 minutes, please check your spam mail, your PayPal e-mail account, or e-mail info@goprorecovery.co.uk
(We received occasional reports that e-mails to gmail accounts can take a few hours)

Licence. The licence is a lifetime licence, with free updates. Although it is licenced to a single PC, the code can be transfered if requested by e-mail, info@goprorecovery.co.uk at any time.

Standard to Forensic upgrade
If you wish to update your standard licence to a forensic licence at a later date, it is necessary to purchase a second normal licence ($22.95) and contact CnW (
info@goprorecovery.co.uk) who will then send an upgrade code for a forensic version.

Demo file conversion
demo version of the software saves files with names such as .demomp4, .demolrv. These will not be viewable. After purchase, the registration screen has an option to 'Decode demo files'. This will convert the files to standard .MP4, playable files