About us

About us

CnW Recovery Developments Ltd have been developing software recovery solutions since 2004. Previously, the main developer had developed programs to read magnetic tapes and even floppy disks (in the 1980s) from any source. CnW has no connection with GoPro Inc.

The GPR recovery software was developed in response to the many problems users were having recovering form a video camera that saves data in an interleaved format. Many commercial programs claim to recover GoPro files, but infact the videos will not play. This software is a very successful, and unique solution to the problem of deleted GoPro Hero, and DJI video files from an SD memory card. CnW love solving problems that others think are impoosible.

Curent developments are extending the range of the range of DJI cameras supported. Many currently work, others will be added on a regular basis this spring (2023). DJI cameras are similar to GoPro action cameras in that they record high and low resolution as interleaved stream. Recovery is complex - but possible. Very few software programs actually achieve this type of recovery from the SD card, regardless of what their advertising says.
Other video cameras are also being added, such as Canon and Sony ranges.

CnW Recovery believe in easy to use programs, with full customer support via e-mail

GoPro recovery for the Macintosh
Unfortunately there is no current verion of GPR for the Macintosh. However, many users have reported successful results by using Parallels to create a PC environment. The other solution for Macintosh users is our online recovery service. For this service you will need to create a sector by sector image of the memory chip and FTP it to the CnW secure SFTP server. Videos will then be recovered, and the used can downloaded from the same server. The process may take a few days for a fixed price of $40, no fix, no fee. Contact
info@goprorecovery.co.uk for more details

CnW Recovery Developments Ltd
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