About us and testimonials

About us
CnW Recovery Developments Ltd have been developing software recovery solutions since 2004. Previously, the main developer had developed programs to read magnetic tapes and even floppy disks (in the 1980s) from any source.

The GPR recovery software was developed in response to the many problems users were having recovering form a video camera that saves data in an interleaved format. Many commercial programs claim to recover GoPro files, but infact the videos will not play. This is a very successful unique solution to the problem of deleted GoPro Hero video files from an SD memory card.

Future developments are looking to include the range of DJI cameras. One currently works, others will be added this summer (2019). They are similar action cameras that record high and low resolution as interleaved stream. Recovery is complex - but possible.

CnW Recovery believe in easy to use programs, with full customer support via e-mail


Many customers have had their fingers bitten by purchasing software that did not work. The GoPro camera records data out of logical sequence - hence issues with generalised solutions. GPR works, and the following testimonials confirm this. We have received hundreds of similar reports

Thank you so much! I have tried ofther more expensive softwares but none of them work! This is the cheapest and the ONLY software that works for gopro!!"

“Many thanks for your help and support, I will recommend
you to anyone who has this kind of problem. The lads at
work will be thrilled to bits!"

"Your program is a lifesaver and it worked a miracle for us! I appreciate everything you did for us and I can't stop thanking you!"

"License for your quite excellent gopro recovery app" -
this was part of a request to transfer the registration code to a new PC.

“You have been a pleasure to work with and we both really appreciate this unique software that you have provided that seems to do what no other software can!”

"There were some issues on the first attempt but the last time it worked like a dream and I managed to recover all the lost videos I was looking for! This really seems to be the only working solution."