4k/5K video playback

High Resolution video playback

Recent GoPro Hero cameras, and others, now optionally record in 4K or 5K resolution. GPR will recover these videos, but there are often problems viewing the successful videos. This unfortunately is often related to the PC rather than the recovery.

Programs such as VLC struggle. VLC is normally exceptionally good at most playbacks, and we use it all the time for .LRV files. The Microsoft 'Film Player' is often better, but this can also struggle at times. The picture can freeze, or sound go missing.

Currently the best program we have found is MPC-HP(x64). It can be found in

CnW have no association with this product other than saying it has been seen to work well.

If anyone knows an equally good or better free viewer for Windows, please let us know so the knowledge can be shared.