GPR Introduction

GoPro Recovery is a program designed to just recover deleted, and corrupted videos, or footage from GoPro camera SD memory chips - and it works!

NB, the program will not read the camera directly, but only the memory chip.

Works with all GoPro cameras, Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3, Hero 4, Hero 5, Hero 6, Hero 7, Hero 8, Hero 9 and Hero 10, Hero 11, Hero Max 360. As from V1.95 smany other drone cameras have been added, such as DJI Phantom, Canon, Insta 360. Although the MP4 files are different in detail, drones and action cameras typically record low and high resolution video streams, and so the GPR solution has been adapted to work with these cameras.

GoPro cameras save the MP4 files in a way that means almost all other recovery programs fail. CnW Recovery have developed ways to recover that numerous fragments that make up a file and save them in the correct order. The process is simple, and automatic. This program is a concise subset of the CnW Recovery program and just works with GoPro cameras. There are two versions, standard and forensic. Both will perform the same basic recovery. The forensic version has enhanced logs and file hashing and will also (under development) recover unfinalised file and video extracts.

The software only processes memory chips, or an copy of a memory chip (DD file in Unix terms). The current maximum size of memory chip handled is 1TB for GPR-64 (512GB for GPR-32), matching the current maximum size of GoPro SD memory chips. The program does have a mode to produce such DD image files.

This program may be called by CnW Recovery software on all versions except demo and 30 day.

This online manual mainly describes each screen that may be seen. At anytime with the program, press F1 and the relevant help screen will be displayed