Multiple camera types

Processing a memory chip that has been used in multiple cameras

Because an SD card is a standard device it can be used in many types of camera. Typically they remain in a single camera but there can be times that part of the chip capacity has been recorded in one type of camera, and then with a different type. This is not an issue unless recovery is required.

Data and video recovery often relies on looking for specific types of pattern that can be unique to a certain model, or range of cameras. Thus is GPR is expecting a Hero 6 video and it is mixed up with a Canon EOS 4K video, the best results may not be achieved. To solve this problem, when multiple camera types are detected, the dialog box below is displayed. This allows the user to select the required camera.

If both types of camera recovery are required, it will be necessary to rerun the recovery process. The Auto selection will chose one of the variations displayed. It will then update the camera type in the display to show which was chosen.