Recover Uniden dashcam videos
How to recover deleted or lost Uniden car dashcam videos

The Uniden dashcam camera when it works it extremely good. However, recovery is very complex when deleted.

Unusual features are that it apprears to contain both H264 and H265 video streams in the same file. GoPro and DJI stores these streams in separate files. There are also GPS streams included.

The internal file structure is rather different to most MP4 videos. It contains many standard elements but then has extra 20 byte frames after most video, audio and GPS frames. This makes the recovery process not consistant with many other cameras, and involves substaial development by CnW to support this camera. As mentioned below, the dash cam nature of 'circular' recording adds many 'random' frgaments with an older camera.

The camera works on recording new videos in space created by deleting the oldest videos. Because of this, the video files, which may be approx 1GB length are normally fragmented, 200 to 300 fragments is common. This means that simple recovery programs will not work - despite what some companies 'boast'. Put simply, the data on an SD card will be not be continuous.

CnW are currently have a basic routine working. This will find the hundreds of fragments and assembly into a working video. The results are not perfect yet, but very acceptable.

Work in progress are the forensic options features of partial files.

Please contact us if you require more details.