What are LRV files

GoPro file types
The GoPro camera creates several types of file as listed below. GPR will recover them all after they have been deleted

MP4 - this the the standard video file - at high resolution

LRV - low resolution video. In most modes, a GoPro records both high and low resolution files. Typically one can use the video program VLC to view the .LRV video

WAV - this is the audio file if recording with enhanced audio, Hero 6/7

JPG - Photos - this are ones taken by 'hand'

THM - Thumbnails. These are in fact jpgs, but generated by the camera

recover_xx.mp4 . This is a recovered MP4 file

reconstruct_xx.mp 4. This is a file where the header has been found, but was probably not finalised. This is forensic option only

build_xx.mp4. This a file where a fragment of video was found, but no header or finalisation. This is a forensic option only.