GPR Installation


The GoPro recovery program is for any current Windows PC. It requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or Windows 11. Windows XP is not supported. Any PC that will run Windows 7 will be able to run GPR, though Windows 10/11 are better supported for graphics. The software does make use of multiple CPU cores, so performance may suffer on an older PC with a limited number of cores.

  • Processor - Core i5, or Core i7/Core i9 is preferred
  • Memory 8GB RAM, more prefered
  • Hard drive 20MB on the C: drive
  • Working space - large enough to store the video from the memory chip, eg 128GB


The program is downloaded from the main website, The main program and the demo are identical, but are controlled by the registration number. The demo will not save any files.

The program downloaded is call gpr_setup.exe or gpr64_setup.exe.

The program is digitally signed, both the installation and run program. The signature is 'CnW Recovery Developments Ltd'