Recover Tesla dashcam videos

How to recover deleted or lost Tesla dashcam footage

Recovery of deleted dashcam video is a simple process using the GPR software. The free demo will indicate the results.

The increasing popular Tesla car has many high tech features including 4 dash cams. These can be recorded onto a USB memory stick.

Typically the Tesla will record about 1 hour of video in a circular buffer. This means after the the hour is up, it will start overwriting the start of the buffer again. If you wish to permenantly save the last 10 minutes, videos can be saved on a Tesla when in Sentry mode and controlled by tapping the Dashcam icon at the top right of the screen.

Each video is saved as a 1 minute file, approximately 30MB in length, one for each camera.

How to recover Tesla video

or footage
  • Recovery with GPR software is very simple. Just insert the memory chip into your PC, or use a memory image file, start GPR, select the memory chip/image file, and press <<Recover all files>>.

The format can be left a 'auto' but will change to DJI HVC.
The file names will not be original, but the date and time will be correct.
After a time, the follow screen will be displayed. The thumbnails are extracted from the actual videos, so we know they will work, but the
demo does not save playable files

In this case it can be seen that 227 videos have been recovered

What is not possible.
With a memory chip, once a file has been overwritten it can not be recovered. Thus if the 1 hour loop has been
overwritten, such data is lost.

To prevent losing data, remove the camera memory chip as soon as posisble to avoid accidental overwriting.

If there are any problems, CnW Recovery will always be happy to assist. Just send us an e-mail