Software updates

Software updates

GPR software is updated on a regular basis. The updates can be for performance, new drone cameras, and even the occasional bug fix. To get a new update just download the 'demo' program and reinstall. This whole process will take less than 1 minute - no need to uninstall the current version. The program comes with free lifetime updates. The demo and update are the same code - the difference is the licence key.

Update history
DJI Mavic Pro 2 in H265 mode
Improved recovery of fragmented unfinalised Hero 2/3 camera (forensic mode)

Insta 360 video camera added
Extra Canon 5 modes added

V2.74 June 2021
Small bug fix

Support for Tesla Dashcam added

Extra security added to prevent crackers modifying the code

Small updates for Canon cameras

Support for Sony XAVC

Support for GoPro 9

V2.46 Jan 2021
Canon EOS fragment recovery
Speed optimisations
CrossTour camera added
Canon EOS D1 4K recovery option added
Improved speed of recovery for larger files
Small improvements to processing fragments with Forensic option
Chip allocation display added (forensic only)
V2.40 October 2020
Three thumbails shown for each video
Demo mode optionally
limits size of scan to obtain faster results
V2.36 August 2020
Support for Canon files greater than 4GB in length
V2.35 August 2020
TrustPilot link added to software
V2.33 July 2020
Slightly faster operation with large files. Decoding of demo files works for exFAT samples.
V2.32 July 2020
Extra log feature to show which file a sector has been used in (forensic option only)
V2.31 June 2020
Improved fragment recovery for Hero 4/5/6/7/8/Max (Forensic version)
V2.27 May 2020
Photos can be viewed by double clicking on log entry
V2.26 May 2020
GPS values for photos saved in log with the forensic option
V2.23 May 2020
Improved recovery of long videos
V2.21 April 2020
Improved performance for larger memory chips
Improvements for Canon EOS
Small improvement on speed of processing
V2.18 April 2020
Nokia phone added
V2.17 March 2020
GPS co-ordinates added to log with Forensic version
V2.16 February 2020
Improved handling of fragmented MOOV atoms on Gopro 4 cameras
V2.15 December 2019
Licence operates with CnW Recovery dongle
Support for Hero 8 cameras
V2.14 November 2019
Improved recovery of certain types of Canon EOS files
V2.12 October 2019
Small changes to the licence to allow use with CnW Recovery licences.
Improved DJI support
Extra support for Canon formats
V1.96 September 2019
Canon EOS, Canox Vixia, PowerShot SX600, X25
V1.95 August 2019
Improved support for unfinalised GoPro 4,5,6,7 videos (forensic version only).
V1.94 August 2019
Drone camera Yuneec Typhoon H added
Several DJI drones added